Some Accolades for Nirosta Steel's Dry Ice

- "Retaining a sense of history without being swallowed by the past, at times you’re presented with blues-like sculptures, at others heart-warming poignancy such as the rich harmonies generated on 'Lost In Thought' (co-written with the late Arthur Russell)." - Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty)

- “Excellent album!” - Laurent Garnier

- “Such a beautiful release, with a full disco finish! This will definitely get the rinse at home as well as the underground.” - Cole Medina (Fly By Night/Whiskey Disco)

- “Fresh sounds and and a large range of different stylistic directions and BPM rates.” - Sebastian (WellDone! Music, Berlin)

- “Interesting vibe!” - Severino (Horse Meat Disco)

- “This album is an absolute gem. I became addicted from the first track.” - Eric Downer (Bay FM, Australia)

- “Great surprise! I’m a big Nirosta Steel fan since the singles released on DJ Sundae's Hollie Records. I’m enjoying this a lot.” - Amir Egozy (Breakfast Club, Tel Aviv)

Be sure to dig in to DRY ICE, the wonderful new album from Nirosta Steel (AKA Steven Hall of Arthur's Landing). Give it a listen HERE.

Arthur's Landing - "Your Motion Says"

This is presently our favorite fan-created video. THere's a moving story attached, too.

DayDreamFilosofi: "A trip I made on a weekend through Laguna Canyon and the Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park. I then Hitchhiked through the canyon to the beach where I encountered a homeless man only 24 years old named Eddy. Eddy suffered from Schizophrenia and Psychosis and I lent him my phone to call his family. Unfortunately, his own family didn't want him. I gave him the rest of my money, bought him food and water and socks, kept him company for a while and then called the cops to take him to the shelter before I left. I hope he is doing alright, it can be tough with these things especially without the support of your own family. I did all that I could."