Remembering the Poet Larry Fagin

I stayed in this apartment in the photo first when I was 16 and was one of the legions of young writers who came under this "Exterminating Angel's" wing to be both nurtured (he often said "the best teacher is simply one who gives permission") and admonished (he was a brutal critic of my early work--his slash and burn tactics demolished my fragile ego and paved the way for my Buddhist studies) and the rest is my personal history--he introduced me as an equal to a thriving downtown creative community where I found more teachers (Douglas Dunn/Allen Ginsberg/Anne Waldman/George Schneeman/Edwin Denby/Ted Berrigan/ Barbara Dilley) and on the top floor of that same building (aka The Poet's Building) a goofy guy from Iowa called Arthur Russell who became my best friend in a New York minute--how fortunate was I to know this steadfast spirit!

                                                                                                                                           - Steven