Le Grand Black is a project headed by singer/songwriter Francis Cugat.

Francis shares lead vocals with Didi Kiss and musical support comes from various friends including guitars/bass/keyboards from co-producer Lopazz.

Recorded with the help of Heidelberg-based friends (producer Stefan Eichinger aka LOPAZZ, guitar player Alex Auer, jazz drummer Erwin Ditzner and Brazilian keyboardist Rossano Snel ) this ten track album is called simply The Music. All songs on the album were written by Francis Cugat after visiting the small French island called Ile d`yeu in the summer 2014. The Music was in a way inspired by the white light and the wild sea there, some bottles of french red wine and maybe also the ghost of Serge Gainsbourg who visited the island for holidays several times in the late eighties. What was in the beginning meant to be a solo project for Francis Cugat "pour passer la mélancolie" turned out to be a project by the three headed band LE GRAND BLACK whose name describes the place we all come from and are going to .The band now consists of female singer Didi Kiss, keyboardist Gilberto, and Francis Cugat.