Arthur’s Landing twin album SECOND THOUGHTS out June 2nd on BA. 15 tracks, 10 mixers. 2×12″ vinyl (one blue one green) designed by Dead Envy Ink. Subscribe to our email newsletter to keep up with BA news.

MINERALS – Rhythm Of Being

Zach Layton (guitar) and Bradford Reed (drums) started Minerals in 2009. The project is an ongoing exploration of their mutual obsessions with metric phasing, Eastern philosophies, modular improvisation, melodic drumming, levels of consciousness, alternate tuning and rhythmic hypnosis. The listener is invited to explore the multiple worlds that spontaneously flowed from the duet on these tracks which were recorded live with no overdubs.

Produced by Bradford Reed and Zach Layton
Engineered by Bradford Reed
Mastered by Ed Roman

Miracle 2 by Arthur’s Landing featuring Elodie Lauten

Miracle 2 is the second incarnation of the classic dance floor anthem In The Light Of A Miracle, co-written by Arthur Russell and Elodie Lauten.

Miracle 2 is a completely new arrangement written and performed by Elodie herself and was released on Arthur’s Landing’s debut album on Strut UK.

For Buddhist Army’s first vinyl release, Miracle 2 has been reworked by four of the hottest remixers on the scene.

Free Download: Algy Strutt’s 303 Dub